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Understanding Systems and Your Responsibilities

Do you know the ins and outs of the drainage system at your property in Whitstable and the wider areas we cover? Do you know where your responsibility for drain repairs ends? Due to their unseen nature, many property owners forget about their drainage networks for weeks or months at a time. Without a scheduled maintenance programme in place, this forgetfulness eventually leads to emergency drainage situations. At BP Drains Ltd, our range of services includes the clearing of blocked drains, gutter cleaning, CCTV drain surveys and drain lining.

But when the need for such work arises, whose responsibility is it? We recognise that property owners have an array of questions like this regarding drainage systems. To help clarify the situation, we have provided below a brief guide to key system features, and where responsibility for drain repairs lies.

Key Drainage Features Explained

What is a Drain?

Familiarising yourself with basic system definitions provides a solid foundation for understanding associated repair and maintenance works.

So, what does this all mean? In short, if the pipework coming out of your Whitstable home is on your premises, you have the responsibility to look after it. You must keep it flowing, clear blocked drains, do any gutter cleaning and perform drain lining or any other drain repairs.

This means that your household’s behaviours and habits have a direct impact on drain condition and performance. Put simply, if you don’t treat your drains well, you’re more likely to need a CCTV drain survey to investigate ongoing emergency drainage issues.

However, if the drain serving your home or workplace sits outside your property boundary, the responsibility for upkeep and repairs lays with the relevant third party. In Whitstable, this is Southern Water.

Regardless, it’s worth noting that almost all blocked drains occur close to the property itself, so you should always maintain optimal care when disposing of household waste.

Because Southern Water manages local water and wastewater needs, they are responsible for:

The above is only a guide and doesn’t cover unusual situations which could still arise. If you have a non-urgent or emergency drainage situation that we haven’t covered above, our team is more than happy to advise.

From drain lining to clearing blocked drains and gutter cleaning, and from CCTV drain surveys to drain repairs, our team covers your every need.

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