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Signs That Your Gutted Needs to Be Cleaned

As a provider of drain repairs, CCTV drainage surveys, emergency drainage, drain lining and clearing of blocked drains, we find that gutters are an integral yet often forgotten aspect of a house’s drainage system. Gutter cleaning is a vital service we provide that prevents serious structural damage to properties and keeps them looking as presentable and inviting as possible. 

We recommend to our customers in Thanet, Ramsgate, Whitstable and across the Kent areas we cover, that they should get their gutters cleaned a few times across the year, especially if they can’t remember the last time they had them cleaned. The longer you leave between the last time they were cleaned, the more risk of damage and the presence of unwelcome dirt, mould and other debris. Here are some common signs to look for that indicate you need to clean your gutters.

Animals and Pests

One of the more distressing signs that your Thanet property may need gutter cleaning is the presence of animals and pests. Some animals you could spot may include:

Twigs, leaves, nuts and anything edible may attract these creatures to your gutters and can be a nuisance to get rid of. The earlier you spot this sign, the better. The same applies to our blocked drains, drain repairs and emergency drainage services.

Staining and Mildew

If your gutters have been blocked for a long time, they may cause overflows when it rains, leaving stains and mildew on the walls and roof when this occurs. You’ll likely notice signs of staining below the gutters or an unpleasant mildew smell before you see any overflowing gutters. You don’t need to be a specialist in gutter cleaning, CCTV drain surveys, drain lining or drainage in general to recognise these kinds of issues.

Growth of Plants 

If you see plants growing in and around your gutters, it’s a clear sign that they’ve been neglected for a while, and you definitely need gutter cleaning. This shows that there’s a notable build-up of soil and enough nutrients for plant life to grow. Most of these plants will be in the form of weeds but could also be flowers. Either way, they need to be removed as soon as possible.

Additional Signs

As well as the signs already mentioned, residents in Thanet and across Kent should also watch out for the following:

If you notice one or more of these signs, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re based in Kent, call us on either of the numbers below, and we’ll help resolve your gutter issues with our fast and reliable service. You can also contact us for help with blocked drains, drain repairs, CCTV drainage surveys, drain lining and emergency drainage.

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