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Buying a house is a major investment for most people and it is one that can have a major effect on the future health of your personal finances. It is therefore very important to be sure that you are making the right choice before you commit yourself to a real estate deal. Homebuyers CCTV surveys are now being recommended by a lot of surveyors to check for any issues before purchasing a property.
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A Home Buyers Drain Survey in Kent Could Save You Thousands

Surprisingly few people go to the trouble or expense of having the drainage system inspected before making an offer but if you want to make sure that your new home represents a good investment, there are some very good reasons why you should spend a little extra money to do this. At BP Drains, we offer a competitive service that gives buyers an affordable way to avoid costly drainage issues.

For those whose lives are rarely affected by drains, the ins and outs of the average residential drainage system are something of a mystery and most people are happy for things to stay that way.
Blocked Drain
Nevertheless, if you are planning to take on a 20-25 year mortgage to pay for a house, it is a good idea to make the effort to acquaint yourself with the most common issues that may afflict drains in older properties.
  • Cracked Pipes

    A cracked drainage pipe is not normally a huge problem in and of itself; it is the subsequent damage that can be caused with water escaping from the system leading to ground movement and potentially subsidence. We can conduct a comprehensive CCTV survey of the underground pipes, which will reveal any such problems immediately and enable you to avoid making a costly mistake.
  • Imminent Blockages

    Even in houses where the drains appear to be working effectively, problems can be lurking just around the corner (quite literally in some cases). Underground elbows in the drainage system can become clogged with waste matter over time and lead to blockages. Our CCTV survey team can spot such problem areas with ease, allowing you to negotiate a more favourable price if you still wish to go ahead with the purchase.
  • Collapsing Pipes

    This normally only affects properties built in the 50s, 60s and 70s, when pitch-fibre pipes were thought to be suitable for building use. Unfortunately, as was subsequently discovered, they can delaminate and collapse over time, causing major problems for homeowners. Without a CCTV survey, you would be unaware of this problem lurking under the surface.

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“We were called by tenants to say drains were blocked at around 17.30 hours, rang BP Drains around 17.45 (thinking they would be closed), the company went round to the property and cleared the blockages that evening, considering the time of day, a very reasonable invoice has been received, thank you!” - Customer in Ramsgate

Blocked Drain - 10/10

“I was very impressed with the service. BP Drains were called out for an emergency blockage on Bank Holiday and arrived quickly and completed work well.” - Customer in Margate
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