Drain Repairs - Tree Roots

Tree roots tend to grow towards sewer pipes due to the vapor created on the walls of the pipe as warm water passes through it. Once the tree roots find access into the pipe work through a crack or loose joint, they will continue to grow whilst absorbing the nutrients and moisture from within the pipe. If the tree roots are not disturbed, they will continue to grow as fine roots at first, causing a mass to form over time which will catch fats, grease, paper and waste as it passes.

The first sign of tree root intrusion in the system is likely to be slow flowing drains, which may cause gurgling noises to be heard coming from the waste system, eventually leading to a full blockage forming. As the roots continue to grow they will force the pipe work further apart and may fracture or completely break the pipe, leading to the drains to collapse. At this stage the only method of repair available is to excavate and replace the damaged drain run.

If tree root intrusion is identified early enough, via a CCTV investigation, it is likely the root can be removed using high pressure water jetting systems or electro-mechanical cutting tools. The area of the intrusion can then be sealed using a structural resin liner to prevent it from returning.

Drain Repairs - Tree Roots in the chamber

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