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When Do We Excavate?

Whether you have a non-urgent or emergency drainage issue at your property in the Ramsgate area, it’s understandable to fear the worst. While many problems we handle involve no-dig solutions – such as clearing blocked drains, drain lining, drain repairs, gutter cleaning and CCTV drain surveys – some of the more extreme require excavations. Because excavating involves digging, it comes with a longer duration, a higher cost and greater disruption. In addition, you may even face the prospect of new drain installations when it’s all over.

Sometimes, however, excavating is the only way for us to undertake the required work on your system. But you can rest assured, BP Drains Ltd only ever performs excavations as a last resort for the most serious situations.

When do you Carry Out Drain Excavations?

Our team assesses the need for excavations upon arriving at your property in Ramsgate and inspecting the drainage system. Of course, situations vary. But we will likely undertake a CCTV drain survey to uncover the problem. If the issue is relatively minor, like blocked drains, we typically perform no-dig drain repairs. Common solutions include drain descaling and tree root removal to clear blockage hazards as well as drain lining to fix leaks in pipes.

Unlike installing new drains, no-dig services benefit everyone. They’re clean, tidy, and fast. They don’t disturb surfaces and we keep overall disruption to an absolute minimum.

With some emergency drainage situations, however, we encounter problems that require excavations. When this happens, you can be sure that there simply isn’t another solution.

For example, if large sections of your drain have collapsed, we can’t carry out drain lining or similar drain repairs. Our Ramsgate-based team needs to get down to system level and work manually.

Likewise, if you don’t perform tree root removal soon enough, you may also need an excavation service. If roots penetrate your pipes and grow, they can crack or dislodge them. We simply can’t fix this from the surface.

This is also why regular maintenance checks – including CCTV drainage surveys to avoid blocked drains – are so vital.

Earth subsidence is another unfortunate scenario that could play out at your premises. While tree roots are sometimes involved in this process, they are by no means the only cause. There are numerous reasons behind earth movement, but whichever one you have the misfortune of experiencing, your drainage system will likely disconnect in places.

Such damage requires excavations too, and possibly the installation of a brand-new system.

Do You Need Drain Excavations?

At BP Drains Ltd, we provide a complete range of drainage services in Ramsgate and the surrounding areas. This includes a 24/7 emergency drainage service.

Whether you need excavations, drain lining, drain repairs or any of our other services, we’re always here to help. While we may be based in Ramsgate, we also serve customers in the following areas of Kent:

  • Ashford

  • Broadstairs

  • Canterbury

  • Dover

  • Faversham

  • Folkestone

  • Herne Bay

  • Margate

  • Thanet

  • Whitstable

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