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Drain Lining in Herne Bay | Avoiding Emergency Drainage Work
Why You Should Prioritise Summer System Maintenance

When summer rolls around, we understand that drain repairs and maintenance are one of the last things on your mind. With barbecues, ice-cold drinks and sun lounging on the agenda, blocked drains and other emergency drainage situations seem a million miles away. However, the reality is that issues in your drainage system can arise year-round. When they occur in summer, the hot conditions make them especially unpleasant.

BP Drains Ltd provides a full range of drainage services for property owners in the Herne Bay area, from drain lining and gutter cleaning to CCTV drain surveys. By covering all proactive and reactive work, we ensure that you can enjoy all the pleasant odours of summer, not a pungent stench drifting up out of your drains.

To see how highly people in Herne Bay and the wider Kent area rate our drain repairs, other services and all-round customer care, read our testimonials. You can also view our gallery to see examples of our work.

Drain Repairs and Maintenance in Summer

When blocked drains develop in the hotter months, they smell stronger quicker. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they also attract an array of unwanted pests. Of course, this is highly undesirable for home owners and businesses alike.

There’s a common misconception that drains are more likely to block in the winter. However, they’re just as susceptible in the summer because individual habits remain largely the same. In addition, the climactic conditions are ideal for tree growth, so roots are more likely to interfere with your pipework.

While it may not seem like an immediate priority, summer is an excellent time to invest in drainage system maintenance, as well as subsequent repairs like drain lining. The weather is more conducive to CCTV drain surveys too, allowing us to complete work more efficiently.

Taking a proactive approach eliminates the likelihood of an emergency drainage situation in the following winter, especially if we clear partially blocked drains before they develop into a much bigger problem.

Resolving Issues Before They Develop

Our team shares over 50 years of industry experience. We’ve encountered – and resolved – every problem imaginable in Herne Bay and across Kent. The most common causes behind drain repairs don’t come from a single event. Rather, they are the result of a gradual build-up. A minor blockage grows and become something much bigger, more disruptive and costlier to clear.

Severely blocked drains outside affect pipework inside, and vice versa. Failure to fix an issue before it’s too late can shut down your entire system while we perform the necessary repairs.

An ongoing maintenance programme, complete with CCTV drainage surveys and gutter cleaning, ensures you stay ahead of emergency drainage situations. We clear small blockages and perform drain lining on minor cracks. Our company doesn’t allow debris to accumulate and cause a headache.

Alter Your Habits for Better Drain Conditions

Your personal habits can help to avoid the onset of problems in your drainage system. For example, you should scrape any food remnants off your plates and into the bin before you wash them. This prevents chunks of food from entering the pipework. If they get stuck in the summer, they will decompose rapidly, creating a foul odour.

At all times of year, you must never pour fats, oils or grease down the sink. FOG build-ups are one of the main contributors to blocked drains and emergency drainage situations. If you do pour these away by mistake, try and flush them out immediately with boiling water.

Because we lose more hair in the summer months, you can also brush your hair before having a shower or bath.

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