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When did you last think about the condition of your property’s drainage network? For most people, drainage systems work to such a high standard that they become an afterthought – that is until a problem arises. Drain pipes face constant use day in, day out, year-round, making them a cornerstone of comfortable, functional family homes and workplaces. This is why ongoing maintenance is so important. It’s impossible to eliminate faults occurring, but a proactive approach minimises the size and cost of subsequent drain repairs.

Operating out of Ramsgate, BP Drains Ltd are Kent’s trusted choice for all non-urgent and emergency drainage repairs in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We cover the entire county, so our key service areas include Ashford, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Herne Bay, Margate, Thanet and Whitstable.

If your drainage system suddenly blocks, or suffers any other issue that impairs its performance, you face unhygienic conditions, disruption, unplanned expenses and, inevitably, stress.

To avoid the worst-case scenarios, our DrainSafe-approved drainage contractors perform CCTV drain surveys. Current industry guidelines recommend having your system surveyed a minimum of every 3 years. These inspections allow us to map out your property’s drainage network. In turn, we also uncover early signs of damage and highlight vulnerable areas to keep an eye on.

With a commitment to ongoing monitoring, as well as small, effective drain repairs, we resolve minor issues before they develop into much bigger problems.

There’s no good time to experience an emergency drainage situation. But for your peace of mind, BP Drains Ltd provides a callout service on a 24/7 basis. We constantly man our phones, so you’ll always get through to us.

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Drain Repairs | Non-Invasive and Invasive Solutions

Be it small and manageable, large and urgent or anything in between, drainage emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Our in-house team shares over 50 years of experience in the industry, so you can rely on us to meet your needs.

Drain repairs typically fall into one of two categories: non-invasive and invasive.

Non-Invasive Repairs

These solutions do not require excavation work. At BP Drains Ltd, we use innovative equipment and machinery to complete repairs inside damaged pipes. These services begin with a CCTV drain survey. This allows us to investigate your entire underground drainage network without breaking through the surface. In most cases, we perform a drain lining procedure to create a new, long-lasting pipe within the original structure.

With trenchless, no-dig options, we complete repair work with a rapid turnaround and minimal disruption, a vital aspect for emergency drainage repairs. With far less labour involved, this approach is also cost-effective too.

BP Drains Ltd covers a full range of non-invasive repairs, including:

  • Drain Lining

  • Patch Lining

  • Displaced Joints

  • Fractured Pipes

  • Cracked Pipes

  • Tree Root Removal

  • Drain Re-rounding

  • Drain Re-lining Repair

Invasive Repairs

Conversely, invasive drain repairs involve initial excavation work. This requires us to break through the upper surface before digging out a trench so our team can access the subterranean pipework. Of course, we check for other below-ground services, such as utility cables, before the excavation begins.

You can rest assured, we only ever excavate when there is no other alternative. We use this approach for emergency drainage situations, like drainage system collapse.This is why a maintenance programme for your drains is so important. If you avoid regular checks and small-scale repairs, your system is more likely to develop large problems that require an invasive service.

No matter your location in Kent, the DrainSafe-approved drainage contractors at BP Drains Ltd provide fast, effective and affordable solutions.

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  • Broadstairs

  • Canterbury

  • Dover

  • Faversham

  • Folkestone

  • Herne Bay

  • Margate

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  • Thanet

  • Whitstable

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