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Have I Got a Collapsed Drain?

As a Kent-based specialist in drain repairs and maintenance, the team at BP Drains Ltd has seen the full spectrum of problems. This experience is the foundation for our many services, including CCTV drain surveys, drain lining, gutter cleaning and clearing blocked drains. Whether it’s non-urgent or emergency drainage work, there’s no issue we can’t manage. Our ability to handle all circumstances makes us the trusted choice in Dover and the neighbouring areas we cover.

When it comes to problems with drainage systems, a partial or full collapse is one of the worst things that can happen. First, there’s the obvious disruption, stress and cost of the repair works. Unfortunately, these will involve excavations and the manual replacement of pipes.

Second, however, is even knowing that a collapse has happened, given that your drainage network is out of sight underground. Below, we have listed some of the most common signs that indicate a collapsed drainage system.

Signs of a Collapsed Drain

Slow-Draining Water

It’s important to clarify that slow-draining water in your Dover home’s sinks, toilets, shower and bath do not automatically indicate a collapsed drain. In many cases, you may only have blocked drains that require basic descaling. You may also require drain lining or other drain repairs which soon restore normality.

However, if all your drainage points seem to slow down quickly, part of your pipework could have collapsed. Blockages and similar emergency drainage situations tend to build slowly, so you will notice the affects over a longer period.

We can perform a CCTV drain survey at your property to confirm the cause of your problem.

Sewage Smells

Again, this isn’t a fool-proof sign that your drain has collapsed. Unpleasant smells in the drainage system can point to an array of issues, most commonly blocked drains or a need for gutter cleaning.

However, if you can smell waste in the garden, or at various points in your property, it indicates that the drainage system is simply not working at all. Due to the collapse, waste materials can’t pass to the sewer and back up. What’s more, waste water could leak into the soil, foundations and surrounding substrate.


The appearance of damp is another reliable sign that all is not right in your Dover property’s drainage system. In the event of a collapse, waste water cannot leave your premises. As a result, it can cause damp patches to occur, typically on the walls and floor.

Again, the onset of damp doesn’t automatically indicate a collapsed drain. However, if it happens in conjunction with either of the two points above, or both, you will likely need to book a CCTV drain survey.

While drain lining can’t fix a collapsed drain, we excel in all other drain repairs. You can rely on us for an effective, long-lasting resolution for any emergency drainage situation.

Extreme Signs

Like when you need gutter cleaning, if left unresolved for a long time, a collapsed drain will present itself in more obvious, extreme ways that you won’t confuse with blocked drains. These are especially important when viewing a Dover property that you may buy, as you might not be able to assess when or how certain issues started.

Signs include:

This is why pre-purchase CCTV drain surveys are so important.

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