CCTV Drain Survey in Dover, Faversham
and the Wider Kent Area

Are your drains continually blocking after you clear them? Do you want to inspect the drainage system of a house you want to buy? BP Drains Ltd uses innovative equipment to perform CCTV drain surveys for a variety of reasons. With the latest in CCTV technology, we produce clear, accurate results in these otherwise inaccessible parts of your property. This non-invasive, no-dig service provides a fast, cost-effective solution for proactive and emergency drainage concerns, and with minimal mess and disruption.

Based in Ramsgate, BP Drains Ltd covers Kent and the neighbouring areas. A selection of our service locations includes Ashford, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Herne Bay, Margate and Whitstable. From one-off clearances for blocked drains to a cornerstone of a scheduled maintenance programme, we meet every need for domestic, commercial and industrial property owners.

Why Have a CCTV Drain Survey?

Can you remember the last time you had your drainage system professionally inspected? This network of pipes sits out of sight, so it’s understandable that it may slip your mind for long periods of time. Unlike more visible parts of your home, it’s impossible to see minor signs of damage as they arise, or the early formation of a blockage. As a result, the first time many property owners are aware of a problem is when it’s already fully developed.

Semi-regular CCTV surveys ensure you stay ahead of issues in your drainage system. Our team shares over 50 years of industry experience, so we excel at spotting minor faults and defects. This allows us to recommend small fixes and repairs that minimise disruption, damage, stress and your long-term costs.

Whether your property has blocked drains, a fractured pipe or a build-up of silt, a CCTV drain survey is the quickest, most effective way of identifying, and resolving, one or multiple problems. This holds especially true when compared with the slower, more disruptive approach of physical exploratory work like drain excavations.

Some of the most common issues our CCTV surveys identify include:

  • Leaks
  • Fractures
  • Blockages
  • Fat Deposits
  • Scale Deposits
  • General Collapse
  • Tree Root Intrusion

What Happens During a CCTV Drain Survey?

The equipment we use for drain surveys consists of a cable roll with a small, digital camera attached to one end. The cable itself is long enough to extend through practically all drainage systems.

When at your property in Kent, we locate an appropriate access point into your system. We then feed the cable into the pipework, camera first. The slow unrolling of the cable guides the camera deeper into your drainage system.

On the surface, a member of our team watches a live-feed on a screen. We use our vast experience to monitor the footage on a metre-by-metre basis.

When complete, we know the exact layout of your system and can pinpoint problems with precision. As such, we can then recommend the most effective solutions for a swift fix.

BP Drains Ltd uses CCTV surveys to:

  • Identify issues in inaccessible pipes
  •  Inspect your pipes’ structural integrity
  • Detect build-ups of any type and size
  • Create plans for existing networks
  • Confirm suspected damage, defects or faults
  • Investigate blocked drains, toilets and pipes

You can rest assured, our personnel are certified CCTV surveyors. We work with clients across the county, including in Ashford, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Herne Bay, Margate, Ramsgate and Whitstable.

Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys for Home Buyers

CCTV drain surveys have become a common requirement for potential house buyers. Many lenders and banks request a pre-purchase survey of the drainage system at your prospective new home before issuing a mortgage.

Buying a house is a huge investment. While not directly comparable in price, repairing damaged or collapsed pipework also comes with a large bill. If the latter follows soon after committing to the former, the total expense may leave some with an unexpected cash shortfall.

Our surveys offer peace of mind and satisfy mortgage providers too.

Call 01843 293 040 or 07590 849 967 to schedule your own CCTV drain survey in Dover, Faversham or any other Kent location.


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